Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad

Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress PadPinzon is a private label company belonging to It was launched in October 2005 as Pinzon by with Bedding and Utility, Bath Towels, Tabletop, Kitchen Utensils and Knives (as some of its products). The products have received wide acceptability with some of them leading their categories on the Amazon marketplace.

One of such products is the Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad. It’s the second best-selling product in the mattress pads category on Amazon. It has a 4.3 out of 5 stars Amazon rating and 1,230 customer reviews at the time of writing. It has a shipping weight of 6.8 pounds and comes in the twin XL, twin, queen size, king size, full size and California king size.

The Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad is imported and made with 100% Polyester (at the top), 100% Olefin (at the bottom) while the filling is 100% Polyester with the sides having 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Sewn with deep pockets, the pad serves as a mattress topper and a mattress protector (at the same time). It fits over the mattress using elastic ends; another good thing is the fact that it fits deep mattresses like pillow-tops.

The material is extremely soft and prevents sheets from sliding around. It is ultra comfortable to sleep on. It fits most mattress sizes and has a quilting which makes it very plush. It is delivered in a great and easy assemble package.

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* It can save you money if you are not ready to splurge on a mattress. Just get this mattress topper and your old or uncomfortable mattress will give the comfort you’ve always craved for.

* If you are finicky about keeping your linens and blankets clean, this mattress gives you peace of mind as you can wash and dry it. It also helps if you have allergies.

* It is better than memory foam, since there was no lingering smell, typically associated with memory foam pads.

* It is great to sleep on, even in hot weather. The fabric also keeps your sheets from getting cold during winter.

* You can use it to cover a memory foam mattress to keep the foam from getting warm – especially in the summer.

* It does not bunch under high pressure points.

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* Washing and drying it is a huge challenge but Pinzon recommends using professional cleaning/washing or dry clean only.

* You may have to check that the cover has a tight fit around your mattress. This prevents sheets from sliding around.

* You may oversleep because of the comfort that comes with using this mattress cover.

* It is a bit bulky and you can sometimes feel the “lines” in the fabric that separate the padding (like a checkerboard effect).

Your Turn to Decide

The Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad is not totally the same as a pillow top mattress but it is a great alternative for buying a new mattress. If you have difficulty sleeping, you can get this mattress pad to add a little more cushion.

It is luxurious, soft and cosy; some users say it’s like sleeping on the cloud and so worth the money. It makes rolling out of bed so smooth and easy. You just slide out but if you are worried about the washing of this product, I would suggest you use a mattress protector. You may not need to wash this mattress if you place it directly over your mattress. On top of it, you can have a mattress protector (and a fitted sheet, if you like). This gives you the support that you need.

Even though it is not memory foam, this mattress pad is excellent for the price. It is not intended to be a mattress topper however. If you want to drastically change the feel of your mattress, this is not what you need. If you just need a little extra padding, go for this mattress pad. It never fails and you can buy it with Free Super Saver Shipping from Amazon this very minute!

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